About me

All about me…and Lola

Welcome to Runs, Pugs, and Hugs!  This is a place for me to share my thoughts and adventures related to running, my obsession with my pug Lola, and some wonderful relationships.

A little about me…


*I am a 20-something living in Boston and working in academic advising at a local university.

*I started running in high school, but it developed into a real passion after college when I signed up to run my first marathon.  About 5 years later, I have completed 4 marathons including my BQ in Houston this past January 2016.

*I am pretty addicted to coffee, especially iced, a definite foodie, and an intense puppy lover!

A little about Lola…


*My 5 year old pug Lola is pretty much biggest puppy diva you will meet.

*She loves snuggling, playing fetch, and catching popcorn.

*She has a pretty strong social media following (instagram: thelittlestlolita)

Current Running Goals


After recovering from a stress fracture in 2016, my number one running goal is to stay healthy and have fun.  That being said, my long-term goal is to do a marathon in every state!  I love talking about running goals, big or small, and would love to hear about yours!