Runs Lately, Race Plans, and All Things Holiday!

Hi Friends,

Does anyone else feel like Thanksgiving was sooo long ago!  The week after a holiday or vacation always seems to drag for me, so I am happy it is almost the weekend…and the start of December!  Every weekend is December is packed with fun events (some of which include running), so I cannot wait for all of the festivities to begin.  I am also planning a small way to celebrate all the days leading up to Christmas with Dean, inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Tina from Carrots ‘n’ Cake.  More to come!

Running lately has been a little bit sporadic and I feel myself both craving a new training plan and also enjoying the flexibility to run morning or evening, short or long, slow or fast.  My mileage has been in the high 20s or low 30s.  I also ran the Cambridge Half Marathon with Sarah and a very fun Turkey Trot with Dean and friends on Thanksgiving.  These photos pretty much sum up my attitude to racing right now…have fun and plan yummy treats for afterward.

But I do need to start increasing my mileage and workouts up as I prepare for….


I signed up for the New Jersey Marathon, with my friends Sarah, Caitlin, and hopefully Robin.  This will be Sarah and Robin’s first marathon, so I am so excited to make it a great experience for them.  And I am hoping to really work on my own speed and performance to get a new PR.

If you are looking for a spring marathon, you can save 20% on New Jersey with the coupon code NJMCyberSocial by this Friday!

I have to decide on my training plan and I am thinking of going with something more challenging and with higher mileage.  I have a few options in the mix and I will definitely share once I figure it out.

In other news Dean and and I also got our first Christmas Tree!  I love Christmas trees so much and having our own really feels special.  Now we can start our ornament collection, which already includes a few pug figurines (Meg) and a bicycle (Dean).

IMG_1640 (1).JPG

Anywho…happy Friday Jr. and I hope you have a great end of the week!


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