Runs, Podcasts, and Grace

Happy Thursday Friends,

As I have mentioned on the blog before I am a huge fan of podcasts.  Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to music when I work out and often have Spotify playlists going as I work on my weekly spin playlists.  But since I have a mostly walking commute I like to mix it up with podcasts. Here are a bunch (many running-related) in my current rotation.

There are more in the rotations, but these are the top ones right now. I use a free phone app called Stitcher that I would highly recommend. I think podcasts are also great for easy runs especially if you are someone who struggles with boredom on the longer workouts.


So the idea for this post came while I was listening to an interview on the Runner’s World Podcast with Kristen Armstrong.  Kristen is a writer of the column ‘Mile Markers’ in Runner’s World, a mother of three, a marathoner, and also the former wife of Lance Armstrong.  

In the interview Kristen shares how runner saved her after a very difficult divorce and became a way for her to find inner strength and community (with fellow female run buddies).  I love these kind of stories because I identify so much with those who find running has healing powers for your inside as much as your outside.

One comment Kristen made that really struck me was her desire to apply grace to her running and her life.  She says that grace is something ‘so mysterious and transcendent…the gift of letting yourself and letting others off the hook…” She says it is about learning to see ourselves as enough.


I was blown away by this idea.  I’ve definitely struggled during this injury to appreciate my body right now and be patient with the recovery process.  But I love this idea of trying to incorporate grace into my thought process.  When people use the common adage, life is a marathon not a print, I think about that idea that running is a journey and process not just a finish line.  While we each chase PRs and individual goals, it is the process of pushing ourselves, building a healthy routine, and being part of a community that really makes running a great sport.

So my challenge to myself and to you is to figure out how to bring more grace to your running or any other aspect of your life.  If you need some inspiration to get started, chek out Kristen’s interview here.

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