Friday Hug: Annie and Brian

Happy Friday Friends,

This week’s hug goes out to my dear friends Annie and Brian, who are getting married tomorrow! Woohooo!

Annie and Bryan

Annie was one of my first friends in Boston when we met as new office mates at the Lynch School Grad Office in Boston College.  Annie helped me get through my master’s program and the good and bad days at work.  She provided endless entertainment over gchat and is one of the most vivacious, giving people I know.  She and Brian are one of those couples that you instantly see are better together than apart.  I’m so excited to celebrate their special day with my partner in crime, Lindsey, for the weekend!

Congrats Annie and Brian!

Annie, Linds, Meg

While I’m at the wedding in New York, Lola is spending the weekend with her buddy Louie at my parents’ house.  They were a little sad to see me go this morning, but a treat quickly fixed that problem!


These two will get plenty of relaxation in while I’m gone.  My sister always teases me that Lola loves being with Louie because they factor in lots of naps and snuggles…and shorter walks 🙂


Running this week has been a little haphazard, but I have a 10 miler planned for tonight (fingers crossed it isn’t too hot) and then two shorter runs over the weekend since I’ll be away.  But hopefully next week it will be back to a routine!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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