New Project: Run Fast, Eat Slow

Happy Hump-day Friends!

This is really only my second workday this week (yes, I’ve been a bit of a slacker with this quiet summer schedule at work), but I’m still happy it is Wednesday!  Yesterday I took the day off just because and got my long run that I missed from the epic heat wave done.  I realized that these fall marathons are creeping up and I need to get into a long run cycle.  My goal is to complete 3 20 milers before Marine Corps, with the first one next weekend.  So yesterday I got out and did 16 miles at about my old marathon race pace.  It felt pretty good, but I definitely have some work to do in order to set a new PR.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.00.19 PM.png

The good thing is that I am staying pretty consistent with my pace on these long runs that are mostly flat.  I definitely need to get some additional hill work in though to build more muscle and keep up my PT exercises.

But onto my new, tasty project…cooking recipes from Run Fast, Eat Slow!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new cookbook from one of my running idols Shalane Flanagan and her good friend and nutritionist Elyse Kopecky.  So I decide my new fall project is going to be to try and cook every recipe in the book.

Run fast.jpeg

Not only do I love to cook, but I also really want to be thoughtful about my nutrition and reaching the best possible weight and fitness level for my two marathons this fall.  Yesterday and today I tried out two smoothies as well as a kale and farro salad with a lemon miso dressing.  I’m going to try and leave recipe reviews as I go so check back (and buy the book because it is awesome!).

Can’t Beet Me Smoothie–A+

I LOVED this recipe and will definitely keep making it for post-run recovery.  It is a little sweet, but you can still taste the beets.  I also love that it has coconut water for hydration.

Kale, Ridicchio, Farro Salad with Lemon Miso Dressing–A+

I made this salad last night and it was fantastic!  I didn’t have the exact miso it called for but the dressing was still great.  It is a hearty salad and definitely a good balance of veggies and carbs.  Farro is also one of my favorite grains because it has more texture.


Coconut0-Kale Smoothie–B+

I did modify this recipe a bit and threw in some blueberries, but overall I thought it was good just not super thick.  I chose the option with honey instead of dates, so next time I will try dates to see if that helps the texture.  But, I love the coconut water for the liquid.

I’m not sure what I will be making next since I am out of town this weekend for a wedding, but I’m sure next week will feature some winners!

What are your favorite cookbooks or blogs for recipes?  Any recommendations for recovery fuel?

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