Belated Triple Threat Race Recap and Other Ramblings

Happy Wednesday Friends!

So I’ve been on a bit of blog hiatus lately.  I’ve just had a lot of different things going on that have left me feeling a bit scattered and unmotivated to blog.  Truthfully, this is really just an outlet for me to keep track of my running and life at this interesting 20-something junction, so I’m not sure how long I’ll stick with it.  That being said, I have read other bloggers talk about the ebbs and flows of their writing, which makes me feel a little better about my recent slacker status!

But onto running updates…

This past Saturday I completed the Triple Threat Challenge in Rockport, MA.  The race included a 1 mile sprint, 5k, and half marathon, which rounded out my summer goal to complete a half marathon per month (check!).  Last year, I completed the 5k on a whim and then the half, but this year I decided to run all three and test out both my endurance and speed.  I ran with my friend Caitlin, who is also doing the Philly Marathon this fall!  Cailtin’s husband Jon and our friend Allen took care of the cheer squad along with Lola.


Going into the race my goal was to do the mile under 6:30, the 5k around 7:15 pace, and the half around 7:45 pace.  I haven’t felt super speedy lately, but I know that I had the endurance.  I finished up with these results!

1 mile: 6:45 (watch said 6:17)

5k: 22:03 

Half: 1:43:38

I ended up placing as the 2nd female in the mile and 3rd female overall for the three-race challenge, so I felt pretty good about that!  The rest of the weekend involved great time in some floats, delicious food/beer, and relaxation with friends.


After all the excitement of the weekend though Lola and I have been dragging this week to get out of bed!



This week is also technically my first week of marathon training, but I’m still trying to let my body recover a bit.  I have two weddings for the upcoming weekends, so it might be a little challenging to get the long runs done.  But I’m hoping to attempt a 20 miler the last weekend of August and see where I am at pace-wise.

And…I am SUPER excited that my Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook just arrived!


I think a fun fall project might be to cook (and eat) my way through this entire book.  There are some delicious looking recipes, so I will absolutely report back with my favorites.  The beet smoothie is definitely one of the first I plan to try.

Have a great rest of the week!  I’ll be back with a weekly hug and some training updates.



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