Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon Race Recap

Happy Monday!

I hope all of you had a great weekend.  I spent mine in Portland, ME with my friend Jill for the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon.  We had an awesome time on the trip and a very successful race, which was a surprise for both of us.  Here is the full recap!

We left for Portland Friday after work and had a really easy drive.  I forget how nice it is to go on vacation and not sit in Cape traffic!  It was wonderful to catch up with Jill and have some girl time together.  We used to work in the same school at BC, but now that I am over in Biology I don’t get to see her as often.  Once we got up to Portland, we picked up our bibs and then headed to Flatbreads Pizza for some carbs 🙂


The weather wasn’t looking great for the race and both Jill and I have not been feeling great about our running, so we didn’t have super high hopes for our performance.  But we got up early and headed to the start with an optimistic attitude.  Luckily the rain held off until about half way into the race, so we were not soaked for the start.  Being the honing device that I am for coffee spots I found a Starbucks that was open and we grabbed coffee, used the bathroom (of course), and walked over to the starting line.


I was planning to run a 7:40 pace given that I had such a rough run last week.  But somehow I managed a 7:05 for the first mile and I was feeling ok!  I always get caught up in the excitement of races and start a little fast, but I figured I would just hold my pace until I couldn’t.  That is actually my race mantra…run your pace.

The course had some pretty epic hills around mile 3 and 6, so my pace slowed on those.  I actually found the toughest part of the race to be the downhills.  With my foot issues I just get so nervous pounding on steep downgrades.  But overall, my body held up!  I found this really nice guy in his 40’s (later found out he is named Rob and also an Ironman) and we paced each other for about 5-6 miles.  I finished with a time of 1:34:48, beating my Run to Remember PR by over 30 seconds!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.09.02 AMfinisher_certificate.jpg

It was a great race and I would definitely recommend it to others.  After the event, there were free massages, beer, live music, and all kinds of good food.  Definitely a great day all around.


While I was away, Lola was getting some TLC with my parents, brother, and Jose.

Lola is actually at the vet today because she cracked her toenail and has to have it removed…poor pup!  She will be in a cone this week, so both of us will be getting lots of rest as I take a week, yes and entire week, off from running.

Hope your weeks are off to a good start as well! 



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