2nd BAA 10K Race Recap

Happy Sunday!

What a gorgeous weekend for the B.A.A. 10K!  This morning I ran this race for the second time, in much nicer weather.  Last year there was practically a monsoon at the start, but this year started off nice and sunny.

I jogged to Lindsey’s apartment and hopped a ride with her family to the start.   We got to the Boston Commons in plenty of time…except that the lines for the bathrooms were super long!  I didn’t have to go, so Lindsey and I split up and I weaved my way to the front of the corrals.  This event had over 7,000 runners, so it is pretty crowded at the start.


I hadn’t really trained for this distance specifically and I do not run many 10ks, so I wasn’t sure what to expect this go around.  Last year my time was 47:10, so I figured I could get under 45 minutes.  I have done longer tempos at 7:00-7:15 pace, so I thought that would be a good goal.

The other exciting part of the event, was that I knew Olympians Shalane Flanagan and Amy Cragg were running!   I made sure to get to the middle of the out-and-back portion of the race and I got to see them as well as the other top finishers.  I always feel so inspired watching elite runners.  It was great motivation for the middle portion of the race 🙂  Shalane ended up winning the race for women, which is a great send off for Rio!


I held on pretty strong throughout the race finished with a new PR!

Overall today I did about 12 miles with my cool down run home, hitting 46 miles again this week.  The plan is to try and get back up to 50 miles next week with a long run, but I definitely need to take care of my foot.

Because 12 miles wasn’t enough exercise on a gorgeous day, Ali, Barbie, Lola, and I took a quick trip to Middlesex Fells.  Our leisurely hike brought us up to a really cool tower with a great view of the city.  Of course I needed a goofy photo with my little explorer…


After the hike we stopped in The Burren in Davis Square for some beers and snacks.  Sweet potato fries you have my heart!IMG_6503

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday Funday as much as we did!

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