Friday Hug: Hillary!

Happy Friday Friends,

Today’s hug goes out to one of my biggest female icons and our Democratic Party Nominee:  Hillary Clinton!  Hillary made history this week by becoming the first woman to likely secure the Democratic nomination for president.


As a woman, feminist, Democrat, and progressive I could not be more thrilled to stand behind this woman and support her path to the White House.  I have been a long-time supporter of Hillary and campaigned for her back in college.  Not only do I believe that she has the intelligence, resilience, and empathy to lead our country toward a better future, but I am so inspired to finally have the chance to see a woman in the highest office in our country.  It is incredible inspirational for women and girls across our country to have Hillary as a role model.

In terms of running and weekend plans, I am heading to PTown tonight with my mom, Lola ,and my uncle’s dog Harry!


We are going to relax and hopefully get some beach time in tomorrow.  Then Jack and I are running the Mayflower Brewery Half Marathon on Sunday!  I’m going to try and take it easy at the race and just enjoy the experience with Jack completing his first half!

Hope you all have a great Friday!  Any fun weekend plans?  Any runs on the calendar?

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