How do I pick a Marathon Training Plan?

Good Morning!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Mine began with a good old Bachelorette Monday, complete with Nachos and multiple types of salad, to balance out the nachos.  I have to say as difficult as relationships are I am pretty psyched NOT to be on this show.  It’s a instant confidence boost not to be that crazy (except about Lola 🙂


But back to running…

So right now I’m in a weird running limbo trying to decide what training plan to follow while still working to heel my foot (plantar fasciitis is the worst!).

For my very first two marathons I think I used the Hal Higdon Plans, which really just help you get in the mileage.  I did no kind of speed work or hill training and was really just focused on finishing.

Since switching to tracking my runs with Strava I have been using the McMillan Running plans that come with the premium membership.  These include speed work such as tempo runs, fartleks, and yassos, which have all dramatically helped me with my performance.  I used the Half Marathon Plan on Strava to train for the Run to Remember and was really happy with my time.

I have 3-4 half marathons planned before the Marine Corps Marathon in October, but I really want to focus on a long-term plan for that race and just run the halfs for fitness.  Thus, the need to figure out a plan!  I read this great article on Runners Connect comparing several plans that I have been looking into:  the RunnersConnect plan, the Hanson’s Marathon Method, Hal Higdon, McMillan, and Pfitzinger.

What I love about the RunnersConnect, McMillan, and Hanson’s plans is that the all incorporate speed workouts, aerobic base-building, and muscular development runs.  I have been working to build my weekly mileage, so I am inclined to try Hanson’s, which calls for 6 days of running with two “workout” runs.  But, I think I mentally need a few 18-20+ runs and this method flips the concept of the traditional long-run on it’s head.

Soooo, I haven’t quite decided on a plan.  My guess is that I am going to use a hybrid of Hanson’s and McMillan, while also taking rest as necessary to deal with my foot.  Depending on the time I can achieve at the Marine Corps Marathon, I may consider signing up for the RunnerConnect coaching plan or follow the B.A.A. Training Plan for Boston in the spring.

If you have any advice or feedback on your marathon training I would love to hear about your experiences!

After a 3 day running hiatus (which was so tough) I made it out this morning for a moderate pace 10 miler.  My foot was definitely sore, but I felt pretty strong.  Hopefully with lots of stretching and ice I’ll be read for the Mayflower Half with Jack Sunday!  I also took some weird selfs with my Fuel iced coffee 🙂  They have the best cold brew!

And, my B.A.A. 10k bib arrived in the mail!  Lots of good summer running ahead!



What races are all of you doing this summer?

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