Global Running Day and Other Adventures

Happy Global Running Day!

Today is a day to celebrate running and the amazing benefits it can have for individuals and communities.  I have not always been a runner.  I was not in fact very athletic as a kid.  But since getting into running really in college it has transformed my life in so many positive ways…giving me body confidence, meeting new people, discovering new potential, and taking me to new places.  Even though I was pretty sore from our hike yesterday I had to get a run in this morning.  And easy 5 miles to start off my recovery week.

IMG_6304 (1)

Backing up to yesterday, Kate and I got our first real hike of the season in at Mount Monadnock!  

We were completely exhausted by the end and I definitely need to work on my hiking fitness.  I’m pretty terrible in fact at the downhill…aka I need to practice my balance skills.  But it was a super fun adventure and I’m looking forward to some other hikes this summer.

In honor of Global Running Day I also created a “run”-themed playlist.  If you are looking for some good pump-me-up music check it out on Spotify!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 7.57.08 PM

On double workout days I am always exhausted by the end of the night.  So I made my self a healthy dinner (curried chicken and a salad) and have some Real Housewives and popcorn on the schedule for the evening.


And of course Lola is hoping I’ll share the popcorn with her.


Hope you have a great evening!  Did anyone else celebrate Global Running Day?

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