Training Update and Porchfest

Good Afternoon!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  Today has been a catch-up/get-my-life-organized day, which has been very productive.  After a really fun Saturday at Porchfest in Somerville, it was nice to relax, clean, and do some meal prep for the week.  Lola and I also got some time in at the park, which she always loves.


Yesterday, we enjoyed a delicious brunch at The Red House in Harvard Square.  They have oysters 2 for $1.00 on Saturdays, so we had quite a feast.  I was so busy enjoying the Prosecco and oysters that I forgot to snap a photo.  But, here is our selfie from Porchfest!


I also got some good training in this week.  With only a few days to go before the Run to Remember half, I am feeling pretty good about my training.  Here is a recap:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5.5miles with Summit Hills @8:16pace

Wednesday: 3miles commuting and spin

Thursday: 8miles steady state run @7:24pace

Friday: 6 miles easy @ 8:11pace

Saturday: 10 mile tempo at 7:22 pace, plus 1.6miles cool down

Sunday: 4 miles easy @ 8:00pace

Barbie also got in a great 10 miler today, so she is ready to crush her very first half!  I will have a full race recap next weekend.

Happy Sunday!

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