Friday Hug: New Beginnings

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all are as excited as I am that it is finally friday!  I have been on the struggle bus this week and felt really tired, which I am attributing to allergies at least in part.  I’ve missed a week or so of blogging with all the busy things happenings including graduation for my brother and some big work events. But I’m back and my Friday hug is a bit on the personal side this week.

Over the past few months I have been going through some relationship struggles and work challenges, which have definitely left me feeling in need of a new beginning.  In a few weeks I will be turning 28, which may seem young but also induces some anxiety about where I am in my life right now and how I want to invest my time and energy going forward.  So…I thought would make a list of 28 goals to accomplish in my 28th year as inspiration to take a more positive approach to the change.  I am definitely going to need help staying accountable, so if you wish to be a hiking/running buddy, food sampler, or event-goer with me I would love the company 🙂


28 Goals for Meg’s 28th Year

  1. Run a new marathon PR (hopefully sub 3:25 🙂
  2. Run the Boston Marathon and enjoy every minute
  3. Hike 3 mountains
  4. Develop a healthier, balanced eating routine and stick to it!
  5. Visit a new dog park with Lola and Louie
  6. Learn to make homemade croissants
  7. Plan and go on an international vacation
  8. Visit 5 new restaurants in Boston
  9. Strength train at least 1 time per week
  10. Create a new piece of artwork
  11. Read 10 new books
  12. Go running on a beach and a trail
  13. Visit a new brewery or distillery
  14. Do kareoke
  15. Host and cook a fancy dinner party
  16. Go paddle boarding or kayaking or both!
  17. Volunteer at a new place
  18. Attend a concert at a new venue
  19. Take a totally different kind of fitness class
  20. Go on a 20+ mile bike ride
  21. Identify new career goals and/or apply for a new position
  22. See a new cultural performance (play, ballet, etc.)
  23. Go sky diving
  24. Continue my blog!
  25. Finally decorate my office
  26. Discover a new coffee shop
  27. Send thoughtful notes to at least 15 people I care about
  28. Visit a new U.S. city

Thanks for reading and for you support.  I’m pretty excited about this list.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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