Fun times and Fast Runs on Girlstrip2016

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!  Lola and I had a pretty stellar weekend on Girlstrip2016!


After my big work event on Friday I was ready to book it out of the city.  We made it down to the Cape around 8pm and the festivities began right away with some dinner and wine of course.  I have to say, I just love staying in, relaxing, and catching up with friends.  It is seriously the best therapy.

Saturday morning, I had a long run on my calendar, but I was running late to go visit my mom and aunt.  So, I decided to turn the run into a 10 miler with some tempo miles.  I figured I would shoot for 7:20-7:30 pace, but my first mile in was 6:49 and I decided I could go faster.  I ended up with 9 miles at a 7:06 avg pace!


This definitely gives me some confidence that I can hit a new half PR in May.  I ran along the bike trail in Brewster, which I trained on before Houston as well.  It’s really a great spot to run distance because it is flat and safely away from cars.

After the run we made a trip over to my Aunt Maura’s new home in Barnstable, which is absolutely gorgeous!  I cannot wait to spend more time with her this summer in such a beautiful space.  Lola and I are going to be beach bums for sure.  She got a little practice in this weekend too.

Saturday night, we made another delicious meal…seared tuna, coconut rice, and Asian slaw.  Seriously yummy!

Sunday I got in another short run to the beach and back.  Even though the weather was kind of crummy, it made me so excited to see the ocean.  I am really looking forward to some great summer running!


We finished up the day with a long hike around the lake at Nickerson State Park.  Lola had an such blast and was quite pooped for the rest of the day.  I am hoping to take her on many more hikes this summer and just love seeing how happy she is out in nature.

This week ahead will be busy with graduation festivities for Jacko!  I also have a 50 mile week on the agenda and hopefully an 18-19 mile run, so we will see how that goes.

Hope you have a great Monday!


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