The Best Day in Boston: Marathon Monday Recap

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and Marathon Monday!  It was such a gorgeous day to watch one of the most inspirational races in the world in a city I love and will always call home.  I was so happy to cheer on my uncle Bryan and the other runners and I had chills thinking about running Boston myself next year.

Lola started the day off with a quick nap because she is a pug and can’t help herself.


We then made a trek down to our friend Andy’s apartment to enjoy some brunch before cheering on the runners.  Andy’s dog Skyler is the cutest puppy and became fast friends with Lola.

After some yummy food we headed down to cheer on the runners.  I am always so inspired by the elite runners, particularly the women, and their incredible athleticism.  It gave me chills watching them power through mile 23 at a pace I cannot even run during a 5k.  Totally incredible!

Meanwhile, Lola played with Robin and developed a little fan club.  We had so many spectators come up and ask to say hi.  She is basically a mini celebrity in the area 🙂

When I received the text alert that Bryan had just passed the 35K mark I knew he was close!  I saw his MGH tank and started screaming for him!  He looked like such a rock star pushing through that last portion of the race.

His final time was 3:55:42 at 8:59 min per mile pace.  Being injured and running on a pretty hot day I would call that one impressive finish!  Great job Bryan.

A big shout out to all the other runners, including my friends Dan, Melissa, and Lauren, for completing a really tough marathon.  You should be so proud of yourselves.  I know I am proud of all of you!

I’ll be riding this wave of inspiration all week as I power through some much easier runs.

What memories did you make this Marathon Monday?

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