Kicking Off Marathon Weekend with a 5K

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!  Boston is buzzing with all of the excitement for the marathon.  I joined the festivities by running my first BAA 5K this morning.  The race begins on the Boston Commons and runs down Commonwealth Ave and back up Boylston Street through the marathon finish line, which is so cool!  I can’t wait to cross that finish line for the first time next year.

The race was really well organized and easy to drop off your bag and get right in line.  My bib was mailed to me, which made the morning easy.  Lola wished me good luck before I left home at 6:45am!


I wasn’t too sure how my foot would feel today and I had heard that the race was really crowded, so I wasn’t all that optimistic about a fast race.  But I went toward the front to give myself a shot at going out quickly.

I started off the race at a 6:30 average pace and felt really strong surprisingly.  So I just did my best to maintain the speed and be consistent.  I definitely lost steam toward the end and couldn’t sprint to the finish, but my splits were pretty even!

Mile 1: 6:29 min

Mile 2: 6:32 min

Mile 3: 6:33 min

Official Finish time was 20:27, which is a new PR!

Megan E Barry
Net Time 20:27
Overall 424/8708
In Gender 78/5033 (Female)
In Division 21/846 (F25-29)

Following the race I met Jack for a sibling 4 mile jog home.  Jack and I are going to run a half marathon in June, which will be his first ever!  So we have to get going on some training runs together.  It’s my first “coaching” project, so I’m going to be the best big sister trainer ever!

This was us before…

And us after…


With some extra training he will get there 🙂

I have a long run on the schedule for tomorrow as well as a lot of relaxing.  I love 3 day weekends, especially when they are filled with running!

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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