Happy National Sibling Day and Training this Week

Happy National Sibling Day!

I have to give a big shout out to Jack and Kate as well as my honorary brother Joe for being the most incredible siblings.  You keep me laughing and feeling loved every day!  xoxo.

This weekend has been pretty relaxing thankfully.  I feel like I’ve been a little burned out lately, so it was nice to get some runs in and a lot of sleep!

Kate and I took the pups to Middlesex Fells, which was a blast.  Louie and Lola love being out in nature and weren’t phased at all when we ran into a snake!


I also got two runs in this weekend to round out my training.  I haven’t been feeling as speedy lately, but I did manage to up the mileage a bit.  I have to keep taking care of my foot to make sure I can push hard through my training until May.  Here is a recap of the week!


Tuesday–Easy 5 on the treadmill

Wednesday–Spin & weights

Thursday–6 miles with intervals in the AM/ 6 miles easy at night

Friday--3 miles easy

Saturday–5 miles @ 7:45 avg pace

Sunday–10 miles @ 7:53 avg pace

Total:  35.2 miles

I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  I’m relaxing with a movie and some pizza making with the sibling tonight!

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