Weekend Fun and YuKan Fool’s Dual Half Recap

Good Afternoon!

I hope all of your had a great weekend.  Mine included some fantastic sister time (Kate and Joe have officially moved to Boston!), awesome yoga with my friend Jill, and a little getaway to Gloucester with Sarah for the Fool’s Dual race.

Friday night, Kate and I did some unpacking at her new apartment while Louie and Lola relaxed…and waited for treats.  Kate’s apartment is so cozy and I am really looking forward to spending more time over there.  She has a big open kitchen, which is going to be perfect for all of our family dinners.



Saturday was kind of crummy weather, but I headed to Back Bay Yoga with my friend Jill for a Hip Hop class.  It was a blast!  I think I actually feel more “zen” when there is music blasting in the background.  I guess it helps me focus more on the movement and less on the millions of thoughts going through my head.  The class also focused on hip opening, which was a great surprise given my tightness from all the running.

Saturday night SG and I packed up to head to Annisquam!  Sarah’s family has a gorgeous house on the water, but we stayed in the small cottage next door that luckily has heat!  We had a nice quiet night with Lola and turned in early to get some rest for our races the next day.

Sunday morning, we woke up to some pretty unfavorable weather for the YuKan Fool’s Dual.  It was low 30s, snowy, and winds up to 50mph at times.  Not the best conditions for racing, but we figured what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or at least give you major bragging power.


Sarah braved the weather first for the 5k!


Meanwhile, I contemplated dropping out and heading for some coffee.


But I needed a confidence boost and finishing a run does just that.  Here were my splits!


Mile Pace GAP Elev
1 7:42 /mi 7:37 /mi 0 ft
2 7:44 /mi 7:56 /mi -51 ft
3 7:58 /mi 7:48 /mi 15 ft
4 7:54 /mi 7:39 /mi 10 ft
5 8:07 /mi 7:47 /mi 44 ft
6 7:37 /mi 7:26 /mi 14 ft
7 7:45 /mi 7:39 /mi 10 ft
8 7:34 /mi 7:35 /mi -21 ft
9 7:41 /mi 7:46 /mi -15 ft
10 7:47 /mi 7:42 /mi -15 ft
11 7:38 /mi 7:40 /mi -34 ft
12 7:53 /mi 7:30 /mi 56 ft
13 7:27 /mi 7:34 /mi -33 ft

Average pace was about 7:41, which considering the weather and hills I was pretty happy about!  I was also the second female finisher overall!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 4.41.37 PM


This week I’m getting ready to jump into training for the Run to Remember half in May and I am hoping to get my half PR!

How was your weekend?


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