Friday Hug and Exciting News

Happy April Fools Day!  

Today’s hug goes out to a special guy who keeps me laughing on a daily basis and has known me since the very beginning…by dad!


My dad Jay has some pretty special talents including telling inspiring stories through video, making killer omelettes, never leaving the house without college swag, and being at the beck and call of his wife, three kids, and of course Lola.  


My dad is equal parts goofy and loving.  He never hesitates to call me with a college sports update, but is also a wonderful sounding board for any challenge or dilemma I encounter.  And he never hesitates to do any of the many favors I ask, which this week included picking up my contact lenses (thanks btw!).  He is also a great spin buddy 🙂


So dad, I am sending you a big hug today, which is no joke.  Love you mucho much!

And my other exciting news…

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.12.29 AM

I’m in for the Marine Corps Marathon!  I have wanted to do this race for a while and it is a perfect goal to have on the calendar to motivate my training over the summer.  Plus, I will be able to plan a fun weekend in DC and visit my uncle Mark.  I am also hoping to re-qualify for Boston 2018 because why not!

Happy Friday!


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