Friday Hug: My Ladies

Happy Friday,

Today’s hug goes out to my lady group here in Boston.  I have a pretty fantastic group of women that I am very fortunate to spend time with through Bachelor Mondays, Pizza Thursdays, and Book Club.

SG and me at Caitlin and Jon’s wedding
Girls’ trip to Vermont
Hillary Clinton Event
Linds and I taking in Vegas!
Second annual roomie Christmas tree adventure

Thank you Sarah, Robin, Ali, Lindsey, Barbie, and Rachel for bringing so much joy, love, and fun to my life 🙂


Today has been a recovery day, including a lovely massage.  I finished a soggy, moderate-paced 10 miler yesterday and I have my 14 miler on the schedule for tomorrow.  One more week until the Fool’s Dual half, so I am hoping I can keep a good pace for this long run.

https://www.strava.com/activities/525781450/embed/0df110a4fb89b5de74c15d3338b05b7a3dd6efa4“>10 miler

Of course after the run I was ready for some wine!

The rest of the weekend has a lot of family time planned for Easter and of course some candy.  I seriously cannot control myself around Cadbury eggs.


What are your plans for the weekend?


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