My Favorite Training Tool: Strava

Happy National Puppy Day!

Three and a half years ago this ball of fun came into my life and she has brought me more joy, laughs, and snuggles that I could ever hope for.  Love you Lola B!

Even though this is a short week for me, I have Good Friday off because I work at a Catholic university, I feel like the days have been creeping by!  That always seems to happen with short weeks.  I think Lola is feeling the fatigue too based on her snuggle mode last night…


So I want to share with all of you my favorite training app called Strava.  I previously used other GPS tracking apps such as Map My Run and RunKeeper, both of which were really good for seeing my routes and paces.  However, I came across Strava last spring and have really loved its additional training features.


Before the New York Marathon, I signed up for Strava premium so that I could utilize their training plans.  For just a few dollars a month, I now have access to training programs that I can customize to my distance (5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon) as well as upcoming races.

What I love most about the training plans is that they walk you through each of the workouts and send you a daily email with your training for the next day.  This takes the guesswork out of training and also keeps me motivated toward my goals.  A week of training typically includes easy runs, speed work, and long runs.  These have all definitely improved my overall fitness.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 4.36.56 PM

Strava also provides a lot of data about each run, which if you are like me becomes really fun to track and analyze.  Here are some of the details from my tempo run Tuesday.

Enter a caption

Unlike other applications, Strava also allows you to track cycling and cross-training.  I typically add my spin classes and other workouts, which then allows me to look back over my training plans and see how often I cross-trained.

Strava is also a great way to connect with other running friends.  You can follow running buddies and give them “kudos” on workouts.  Overall I think this is a great way to stay excited about training and support others around you.

I would highly recommend you check out Strava if you are looking for a new tracking app.  And feel free to follow me and I promise to send lots of Kudos your way!

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