Spin-A-Thon and Weekend Fun

Hello!  I hope all of you are having a great weekend.  I have been home at my parents’ for a few days enjoying some relaxation with a few good workouts mixed in.

Yesterday my dad and I participated in a Spin-A-Thon at our local YMCA.  The Mission in Motion was part of a fundraiser to benefit cancer survivors through the Livestrong Organization.  My dad is a regular at the YMCA spin classes and asked if I would participate on his team The Gladiators, so of course I said yes.

The class was great and I even got a few new ideas for my own spin class that I might try out this week.  It was so nice to see people of all ages and many families out supporting the cause.

The rest of the day involved a lot of relaxing, which Lola was pretty psyched about…


One of my best friends since second grade, Michelle, came over to make dinner which was just what I needed after a busy week.  Relaxing and cooking at home is seriously the best way to spend some weekend nights.

Today, I had my weekly long run scheduled.  My goal was 14 miles around marathon pace with a fast finish.  I have been working to hit the low 30s for weekly mileage as I attempt to re-build my base.  In three weeks I will be running a half marathon with my uncle, so I am trying to get ready for that.  Although I don’t plan to fully race that event I do want find my baseline before another half at the end of May.

Today ended up being a beautiful day and the run was going pretty well miles 1 through 7.  However, my foot was a little sore and my knee was bugging me a bit, so I decided to stick with 12 miles.  That still put me in the 33 range for the week.

Here is the https://www.strava.com/activities/522172655/embed/0979eb2d0dc13c701fda17b4f1236431f84151be“>Strava report!

And the Snapchats 🙂

Now is time for some iced coffee and delicious food courtesy of my sister!

How have you enjoyed your weekend?

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