Weekly Hug #1

Happy Friday!

This post is a feature I am hoping to include weekly on the blog.  One of the themes of this site is friendship, which is best embodied by a great hug.  There are so many people, and puppies, out there that that bring joy and love to our lives and taking the time to recognize these individuals is really important.

This week’s hug goes to…

Kate, Joe, and Louie!

Kate, my sister, her boyfriend Joe and their pup Louie have recently moved to Boston from NYC to start new jobs and an exciting next chapter in their lives.  I couldn’t be more excited to have them close by and Lola is just as happy to have a permanent playmate.  


My sister Kate has been my best friend since she was born just one year and two weeks after me!  We are similar in many ways: dog mommies, coffee drinkers, goofy, Maxinistas, etc.  But most importantly we support each other in every way possible.  She is one of the first people I call with good or bad news.  She has cheered me on an many races, cooked our most memorable family dinners, and made everyone arounds us laugh.  

Joe already feels like my second brother and is the most amazing partner to my sister.  His talents include knowing every craft beer and its history, cleaning spaces with immaculate perfection, and serving as the #1 Nicks fan.  I am pretty lucky that this guy has chosen to join forces with the Barry clan and all our ridiculousness.


Louie is the sweetest pup mix you will ever meet.  He has this adorable body wiggle that he cannot control when he is excited and his tail is in constant motion.  Louie in particular loves Lola, even though she is not always so good at reciprocating his affection.  But they have become pretty great pals and Louie is trying to teach Lola how to sleep in.  This photo is one of my favorites…


Who deserves your weekly hug?

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