My Favorite Cross-Training

Happy Hump Day!

I hope your week is going well and you have some fun plans for St. Patty’s Day.  In an effort to earn my future-planned Guinnesses, I got my butt out of bed to complete a short run this morning.  I almost slept in and then realized I literally just posted about motivation for morning workouts….so I got moving 🙂“>Easy 4ish miler

The best part of finishing a morning workout is coming home to my snuggly friend.  Lola is definitely not a morning person!

IMG_5609 (1)

Wednesday is also the day I teach spin!

I became a certified Spinning Instructor last May after losing two of my favorite teachers at my gym.  I love the high-energy, team environment of spin classes and have found it to be great for cross-training.

I try to make my classes a mix of hills, sprints, and other intervals such as jumps or taps.  Spinning is great for runners because it works so many of your leg muscles, but removes the pressure on your joints that comes with pounding the pavement.

If you have not tried spinning as part of your cross-training I would definitely recommend it!

Other cross-training favorites of mine include…

  • Rowing (my goals was to get up to a 10k, which I finally did while working through my foot injury)
  • Strength training (look for running-specific workouts such as this one from Runner’s World)
  • Yoga (I do not make it to yoga enough, but it is great for flexibility)

If you are like me and rely on great music to power through workouts, feel free to follow me on Spotify and you can listen to all my spin playlists!

Have a great night!



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