Motivation for Morning Runs

Good Morning!

My rainy run this morning brought this topic to mind as something that I bet a lot of runners deal with whether they are training for a race or just training to maintain fitness:  finding motivation to run early in the morning!

I have usually been a morning exerciser ever since I moved into Boston and have had a pretty quick commute to work.  When I taught elementary school in Houston and got to work at 6am, I always did my runs or gym time at night.  But I really prefer starting my day with some activity.  I feel like it puts me in a better mindset for the day.

That being said, there are many mornings when I am tired, the weather stinks and Lola is just so snuggly that the thought of getting my butt out the door is pretty tough.  I have hit the snooze on my phone many a time and bargained with myself for “5 more minutes…”

So when you feel like this…here are a few tips that help me!


Tips for Getting Motivated in the Morning to Run 

Set your clothes/gear out the night before:  I almost always do this, so that I don’t have to think about what I am wearing in the morning.  It also cuts a few minutes off my prep time, which helps me stay on track with getting ready and not being late to work 🙂


Reminder yourself how good it feels to have a workout done at the start of your day:  Sometimes I let myself think, “well I could just run after work…,” but then I remember how great it feels to come home and unwind with Lola or my roommates, cook dinner, and have the obligatory glass of wine.

Think about your training and goals:  As runners and athletes we are often motivated by new goals and hopes of a PR at the next race.  Think about how awesome it feels to run a great race and remember that all this work ahead of time pays off!

Promise yourself a little treat afterward:  As my friends and family know, I am a HUGE coffee drinker and often end my run at Starbucks.  A little delicious soy misto is just the thing I need to push through the last mile.



Today’s run was a rainy 6 miler with a pick up at the end.

https://www.strava.com/activities/517546842/embed/ff4244943382223f2addcf9bcadbb8f89d281a56“>Faster finish 6 miler

I did 32 miles total last week, running 5 days.  I am going to try and stick with 5 days of running this week and bring the total up a few miles.  Still trying to build that base!


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