First Craicfest: Race Recap

Just finished my first Craicfest 5K!  The race is part of a 5k series in Cambridge and a total blast!  I ran the Yulefest back in December and decided to give this one a try instead of my usual St. Patty’s 5k in Davis Square.  This year I roped my cousin Ren into running with me.


I decided to use the 5k as an interval of sorts with a 5 mile run to the start and 5 mile run home for a total of 13.  I have a half marathon in a couple of weeks, so I have been working back up to longer distances on the weekends since Houston and the start of PT.  My foot still bugged me, but I was very happy with the run(s) overall!  Here are my times for each of the 3 legs.

5 Mile Jog to the Start: 7:45pace

5k time:  22:04 with a 7:06 pace

5 Mile Jog Home (or rather my iced coffee spot): 8:19pace

Ren was a great running buddy and also got a new PR of 22:10!  Definitely signing up for this race again.

Happy St. Patty’s Day week!


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